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  • Makeena Rivers

The 'Imposter'

Despite the reality that many of us are pulled to over achieve, imposter syndrome often coexists with the ‘superwoman schema”. Imposter syndrome is marked by a set of feelings around competence in your work.

Who hasn't heard this before?

One often feels like an imposter who is only pretending to be the professional they are, rather than trusting that their work is valid. If you experience imposter syndrome you might consistently fear that you’re going to be ‘found out’, you might not feel you deserve the recognition you get, you might seek the approval and validation of authority figures, and you might attribute your growth professionally to luck rather than hard work and talent. Imposter syndrome can even make it hard to accept compliments with many who struggle with this tendency assuming that those who offer them are just being kind rather than genuinely recognizing your talent.

Next time you're you feel doubtful . Try this tip:


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