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Wellness Retreats for Women of Color

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Our wellness retreats offer you an opportunity to honor your mind & body. We indulge in hands on DIY activities, body movement, meditation, & more!

After a be Morr retreat, you will feel rejuvenated, empowered, affirmed, grounded and deeply connected to a community of women.

We curate spaces that promote healing. Check out our retreat website for more 

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The word on the streets

We found our power in vulnerability! We spoke freely, and we understood each other. The location, meditation, yoga, and discussion in nature healed me in ways I didn't know I needed.

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The retreat was amazing! The lake, the community, the eats and the activities were very thoughtful. Thank you for your courage and your care in both the creation and execution of this retreat.

It was such an amazing day to be around women who want to empower other women. It inspired me to seek what's next in my life while also acknowledging that I too need a break!

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