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Choosing yourself doesn’t make you selfish.


Are you having a hard time managing all that is on your plate, like your family, relationships, your job, the people you care for, and your goals? Is anxiety keeping you up at night? Does shame, guilt, or fear live 'rent free' within you? Are you craving self discovery or personal growth, but unsure where to begin? Do you find yourself pulling back from others? If you’re reading this… we see you. Building the courage to seek therapy is hard AF. We're glad you're here.

Feeling better is possible!

Our Services


Anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences, but circumstances can cause for it to get in the way of your life. That can change. Discover the root of your anxiety.


Experiencing trauma can impact how you see yourself and others. Don't let it continue to hold you back - begin your journey towards healing and freedom.


Humans are wired by connection and you were not designed to live life on your own. Participating in a group can give you a sense of belonging, and opens you up to receive/give support.


Our retreats are an intentional space to connect and release in community. Being seen & heard by Women who looks like you is unmatched!


We facilitate Wellness Workshops in a variety of settings. Hire be Morr at your organization to improve the wellbeing of your community.

Our Co-Founders

be Morr is a New York City based wellness community where Women of Color (WOC) receive Mental Health Services by other Women of Color. 


 The be Morr team is passionate about helping WOC tap into their strengths in order to liberate and heal themselves. Each therapist practices from a place of understanding, warmth, and curiosity. Allow us to help you live a more fulfilling and softer life. You deserve a therapist who understands YOU.

Meet our team of therapist for Women of Color.

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Not having a safe space to unpack makes your challenges feel difficult and defeating. Take a step towards unlocking your inner wisdom.

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Therapy can change your life and the generations before and after you
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