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Does shame, guilt, or fear live 'rent free' within you? Are you craving self discovery or personal growth, but unsure where to begin? Are you having a hard time managing all that is on your plate, like your family, relationships, your job, the people you care for, and your goals?

We get it, it’s A LOT sis.


Not having a safe space to unpack your challenges is difficult and defeating.

You deserve a therapist who understands you and a space that is just for YOU.


It takes a great amount of courage to search for a therapist and we are glad you are here. We believe that therapy should be a non-judgmental space where you can be yourself and safely discover different layers of who you are.


be Morr Counseling is a New York City based wellness community where Black and Women Of Color receive mental health services by WOC individually and in community.





Our Story

be Morr was founded in 2020 by  Mental Health experts from the Caribbean who noticed a gap in the wellness space for women who looked and sounded just like them. 


Building trust happens at a quicker pace when the person sitting across from you shares similar cultural experiences. The be Morr team is passionate about helping WOC tap into their strengths in order to liberate and heal themselves.

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Therapy can change your life and the generations before and after you