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Counselors In Training

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We are proud to be a part of the training for future Mental Health Counselors. be Morr has Master's Level NYU counseling program students providing therapy at a discounted rate! Our interns are in their final year of training before they graduate.

Benefits of working with a Counselor in Training 

  • Interns are actively learning and receiving training, so they are up to the date on the latest evidenced based treatment approaches (the treatment interventions that research has shown to be most useful)

  •  Their caseload is a fraction of the size of the caseload of a Clinician, so there is a higher focus on you (more flexibility and time to develop client-specific interventions)

  • They are at the start of their career and offer new perspectives and a high level of enthusiasm/energy!

  • They receive consistent supervision under an LCSW

Meet Our Counselors in Training for 2024-2025

Coming Soon

Counselors in training will be with be Morr until May 2025. Although we are confident you will make progress within the year, you will have the option to work with a be Morr therapist once the program ends.


Interns offer a sliding scale fee of $50 and are a great choice if you are uninsured or your financial circumstances are limited. Lower therapy rates make Mental Health care more accessible!

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