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We Understand First Generation Immigrant Struggles

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At be morr, we offer culturally affirming services to First Generation Immigrants.

You may be feeling the pressure to balance multiple identities, uphold family traditions, or even some guilt about your success. We understand that and are here to help you.

We help First Generation Immigrants/Americans break free from limiting beliefs that get in the way of experiencing joy. 


If you’re ready to start feeling better, schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.

Our approach to First Generation Immigrant struggles

Image by Katie Moum

Being a First-Gen American means that you are the first person in your family to be born or raised in America. Being a first-generation American can come with its unique set of challenges. It can feel like a push and pull between two cultures and the lived experiences are different from those whose families have lived in the US for generations. 

These are some first generation immigrant struggles:

  • Feeling like you “can't afford to fail” due to pressure of making parent’s sacrifice ‘worth it’

  • Conflict with family members due to differences in POV 

  • Deep desire to “do things differently” from parents 

  • Stress related to adjusting to/navigating a new culture 

  • Sense of confusion around your identify around culture 

  • Feelings of being a ‘fraud’ 

  • Stigma and discrimination based on ethnicity, culture, or immigration status 

  • Shame around your unique experiences 

  • Intergenerational trauma 


At be Morr, we believe that you are the expert of YOU. Our sessions are collaborative, and we deeply believe that every human is unique. Although we can identify with your struggles, based on our own experiences as Women of Color, we don’t assume that it’s similar to yours experiences. Our sessions are led with curiosity.

Get Help From a Therapist That Affirms Your First Generation Immigrant Experience

Image by Danie Franco

Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength and resilience.  With the right support, you can overcome the challenges you're facing and live a fulfilling life. Therapy can provide a safe and supportive space to explore and process the challenges of being a cycle breaker, and develop coping strategies to manage the stress and anxiety associated with this process.

Give yourself the chance to unpack your experiences  and  Schedule your free consultation today

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