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A Mini-Guide to Stepping into the Fall Season

Leaves of Change: Separating with Summer and Welcoming Fall

Well, August really slipped away like a moment in time, and Fall is here. It is common for many of us to feel anxious as we have to separate from the warmth, sunshine, and joy-filled summer days, which may cause Separation Anxiety. With the cool night breeze, reddening leaves on trees, and shorter days, September does not fail to remind us that it's time to face transition. Transitions are difficult for so many of us, and seasonal transitions, despite happening every year, are no exception and bring sadness, apprehension, fear, and gloom with them. It is important to acknowledge these feelings and the challenges of adjusting to the new weather.

How can we make things better? Glad you asked, remember that as the summer days dwindle, it's a reminder that change is on the horizon. Transitioning means leaving behind what we know (aka the familiar) and facing what's new (aka the scary unknown!). This shift can bring up feelings of sadness and frustration, like saying goodbye to something we care about. Give yourself permission to feel this way, It's Okay.

How to Step Away from Summer and Take the Leap into Fall:

Allow yourself to Grieve: Our mind works like a rebellious teenager, doing exactly what it is asked not to do. Instead of suppressing it, allow yourself to feel the anxiety of missing out, the apprehension of entering a new routine, and the sadness of loss and transition. Acknowledge these feelings and spend some time with them to avoid releasing them in unhealthy ways.

Breathe: Yes, it is as simple as that! Our breath is literally our life-given elixir, but quite often we forget to acknowledge it. Get in touch with your breath to feel more alive, present, and grounded. Go outdoors and take a few deep breaths, feel the air reaching your lungs, and notice the smell of the fresh air.

Embrace Fall with Enthusiasm: While saying goodbye to summer can be a bit tough, take a moment to write down all the new and old exciting things you want to do in the coming months. Whether it's throwing a fun Halloween bash, going apple picking, pumpkin carving with friends, or taking a hike to enjoy the vibrant fall colours, jot them all down and start planning the details. This proactive approach will help you channel excitement rather than apprehension and Anxiety about the changing season!

The bottom line is, you have navigated countless changes in your life and have come such a long way, YOU GOT THIS one too! If nobody has told you this today, YOU ARE AWESOME, SIS! So just hang in there and keep believing in your journey, and step into Fall with confidence!

Remember, you don't have to face transitions alone. If you're ready to take the first step toward a brighter, more vibrant life, we're here to support you. Schedule a free consultation with us today and let's explore how therapy can help you thrive, no matter the season. Your journey to wellness starts here. Reach out now.

be Morr is a culturally affirming therapeutic community in New York City where Women of Color receive Mental Health services by WOC individually and in community. To learn more about our services, please visit

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