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  • Makeena Rivers

Acknowledging the difficulty of endings and also honoring them

Whether it be the end of a chapter of your life, a relationship, or a friendship, many of us struggle with the idea of ‘the end’.

A history of trauma with endings can make it difficult to face them, but when we find ways to cope and reframe the idea of ‘the end’ there is so much beauty to be found on the other side. To honor an ending gives you space to express gratitude for what you have experienced. It allows for you to learn from the chapters of your life that may be over. When we face endings we have an opportunity to build the courage, to push onwards with independence and openness, we have the opportunity for growth.

Write or voice memo a letter/message. Your prompt? Let out all of the nuanced thoughts you have about the person, place, or thing you are experiencing ‘the end’ with. You can express gratitude, grief, and you can even re-imagine the relationship, as long as you also incorporate the reality of the situation. Let yourself say goodbye even if it does not feel like it will be saying goodbye forever. This practice allows for you to be in the here and now and also to reflect more deeply on what you have been through thus far.

Are you finding yourself repeating scenarios over and over in your mind? Have you tried to move forward on your own, but are still feeling stuck? Working with a therapist may help. Schedule a free call with us here to hear how we can help.

be Morr is a culturally affirming therapeutic community in New York City where Women of Color receive Mental Health services by WOC individually and in community.

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