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3 Tips on Managing Anxiety Related to Covid-19

COVID-19 (otherwise known as the coronavirus) has blindsided all of us. It’s a common reaction to feel overwhelmed by the constant growth of positive cases around the world.

In a short period of time, we’ve had to make major changes in our daily routines. Traveling is cancelled, schools are closed, restaurants are only delivering, and curfews are being implemented in several cities. During these times, Anxiety can be at an all time high. So what can you do to be less stressed?

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Here are some Anxiety reducing tips to help guide you over the next several weeks:

  1. Recite positive affirmations daily: Affirmations can help you reduce fears, and remind you of your voice. Come up with at least 3 positive thoughts to recite daily, in the morning and before bed. Some examples include: “I am healthy”, ”My mind and body are strong” and ”I will focus on what I can control”.

  2. Practice thought refocusing: Whenever you begin to have thoughts that cause a lot of worry, such as “I can’t handle this right now”, try this distraction technique: A. scan the environment you are in and list all of the colors you see B. once done, list all the shapes around you C. then, count from 30 backwards. The purpose is to focus your attention on something else to help ground you.

  3. Be kind to your body: Making sure we pay attention to our physical health is essential during times of heightened anxiety! Feed your body what it craves. This can include activities such as: Meditation, Yoga, Journaling, Walking and Dancing in front of the mirror!

If you are having trouble managing symptoms on your own, reach out for help. Tele-therapy has been on the rise and proven to be as effective as in person sessions. You can visit our website ( to book a free consultation & get on caring for your mental health.

Check out our Instagram & Facebook page, where we share more tips on maintaining your wellness.

For more tips on managing anxiety: check out our episode of #TalkTherapyThursday

Safety Plug: Do ‘the 5’ to help stop the spread (wash hands, cough into your elbow, avoid touching your face, practice social distancing, and stay home ).

Practice joy. Practice love. Practice Compassion. Practice peace.

Be Morr Well Sis.


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