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About Sachi

I support WOC who struggle with prioritizing their happiness to recognize their self-worth

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Sachi Gohil

Counselor in Training

Do you feel burdened by the responsibility of being the “understanding” one in your interpersonal relationships, feel burnt-out by taking care of everyone’s needs and struggle with prioritizing your happiness?If you are here, you are probably trying to feel more confident about yourself, gain control of your life and free yourself from the need to over-explain yourself to others.


I admire your courage for taking the first step to recognize that you need help because asking and accepting help is the real strength. I am passionate to embark on this journey with you to embrace the real, and the fierce YOU! 


I believe that being able to understand the root cause of your patterns helps you break and un-learn them. You deserve to fully express yourself, without judgement, and that's the space I offer in my sessions.

Schedule a free 15-min consult here.

I hope you’ll welcome me to join you on your journey.

My passion lies in guiding clients in their own path

I’m currently in training for Mental Health and Wellness Counseling at NYU Steinhardt. I use a mind-body connection approach to help you understand how your thoughts and feelings affect your body. I also use concepts of feminist theory where I help you understand your unique position in society and how it impacts your behavior.

More About Me

Simple pleasures: Music, cooking, painting and journaling.


Not so fun fact: I spend too much time cleaning and organizing. 

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