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About Regine

I help first generation Women of Color break free from rescuing others and give them tangible tools to begin healing themselves

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Regine Dorismond, LCSW

If you’re here, you are probably feeling exhausted from always being the “strong one” and having to rescue your loved ones. You feel like you’re often judged and that you are a burden to your social circles just because you desire a safe space to openly share your emotions.


Not having a safe space to answer your challenges is difficult and defeating. The feeling of being stuck and confused are common, many people have these experiences, so it makes perfect sense that you are seeking relief and understanding.


The decision to choose you is a radical act and I applaud you for taking the first step in your healing today. In our work together, I will help create a space where you can be your true self and openly discuss whatever is troubling you.


I draw from a few therapeutic frameworks, but Psychodynamic and CBT are among my most used. That means that we will go deep to explore your behaviors, feelings and emotions in early childhood so that we can expand your awareness and motivate you to take action so that you can now live your dream life.


If you’re ready to start THRIVING, click here to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation with me.

I am Motivated to Heal Black and Brown Women

I believe that we are always one decision away from living the exact life that we want. Many WOC just need permission to thrive instead of just survive. I feel most aligned when being present for the “aha” moments of each of my clients.

I was born a Social Worker

I graduated from SUNY Albany with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, minor in Africana Studies and a master’s degree from Stony Brook University.


I started my career as a Health Educator which helped me gain a deeper understanding for the need to have a holistic approach to healing.


I’ve been a NYS Licensed Social Worker for 5 years and I am honored and humbled each day by how my clients are willing to be vulnerable and are eager to break cycles so that the future versions of themselves are healthier.  

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