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About Joanna

I support WOC who identify as warriors reclaim their lives, by helping them break up with shame and find their voice

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Joanna Ulloa, LMSW

Are you exhausted and tired of being a “warrior” all the time? Want to be able to let your walls down and your vulnerability flow? To just have someone see you for you, and not an illness or a challenge you are facing? Well, you have found the right space! I pride myself on providing compassionate, safe and nurturing sessions to fit your needs. 


I am deeply committed to empowering and helping you identify your challenges, and zero in on what the future may look like for you. While we have those who love us, they may not know what we need to be able to flourish. 


Allow me to guide you to become the best version of yourself despite all the adversity you may encounter on a daily basis. In our sessions, I will help you tune in to your inner voice, so you can recognize what your needs and wants are. THIS IS YOUR TIME. 


 Feeling safe & ready for the journey? Yes. Now let's get to work! 

Schedule a free 15-min consult here.

Allow me to empower you in a compassionate and insightful manner.  

In my work, I focus on the individual as well as the adversity or challenge. I offer practical tools you can implement outside of our sessions, to help you work through the discomfort. I work with you through motivational interviewing and solution focused approaches to get to the root of your emotions, help you understand what is happening, and create goals to help you get closer to the life you desire… and DESERVE.

More About Me

Simple pleasure: Walking in the park with my dog buddy, a good cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning, listening to music and relaxing in bed curled up with a good book 

Not-so-fun fact: I collect flattened pennies from all the places I travel - sounds like a good time to me :)

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