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Group Therapy

For women, society constantly gives us conflicting messages about how we’re supposed to feel about our bodies and sexuality. 

When was the last time you felt truly connected to your body and pleasure? Have you been looking for ways to tap in to you sensual spirit? 


In this group, you will be invited to explore your understanding of your body and sexuality through various exercises inspiring intuition, community and love. Too often, women are left alone to navigate and unlearn social and cultural narratives around sex that leave them feeling hopeless and broken.


Join us, in this four week journey where you'll reconnect with your inner feminine spirit and learn to build a lasting relationship with your sexual self. 


Group Facilitator: Alessandra Tantawi, LMSW

Price: $40 per session

Each participant will be receiving a FREE workbook with exercises to promote healing & introspection.

To create an intimate & safe space, limited slots are available! Want more info? Click on the button below for more.

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