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Support Groups

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Having our feelings validated is one of our main desires as humans. When we are seen and heard, the door to healing is opened!

We invite you to join us in a supportive space where YOU will be given the opportunity to share your experiences, be heard by like minded women, offer support to others, and create connections .

Being part of a community creates safety and helps you have access to other voices that lets you know that you are not alone. Sisterhood is when you receive and give support to one another <3

Let's connect and say bye to isolation.

This will be an ongoing FREE open group meeting virtually with light structure on general topics.

Next Group will be announced in May

Reserve your spot now. Space is limited 

Support group is open to women in all states.

Group Facilitators: Roslyn Guzman, LMSW & Regine Dorismond, LMSW

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