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Are you struggling to reconcile where you thought you would be in your life with where you currently are romantically ? Do you have everything, but that great relationship you’ve been manifesting? Do you keep falling in love with Mr. Wrong? Are you loving your single life, but feeling guilty, because it does not align with family and society's expectations?


Are you tired of talking to your friends who are in relationships about your dating struggles? Are you feeling alone in your singleness and struggling to find other women who can relate to you? Do you just want to be around other single women of color and discuss all the headaches of dating?


If any of this resonates with you, this group is for you.  This group is for single women of color who want a  supportive  space to talk, process and unpack the good, bad and ugliest part of being unpartnered. You will be given exercises to help you get a better sense of who you are, areas of growth and how you can move forward feeling more empowered. We will provide an intimate space where you can feel supported by other women to help you feel less alone. Let's dive in & discuss the unique challenges that women of color face while dating.

Starting September 10th, the group will meet bi-weekly on Thursday evenings for 8 sessions. Last Session will be held December 17th.

Price: $40 per session

Each participant will be receiving a FREE workbook with exercises to promote healing & introspection.

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