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About Arlleen

I help WOC struggling with self-confidence learn to establish healthy boundaries and improve the quality of their relationships.

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Arlleen Mejia, LMSW

Growing up in a first generation Latino household, it was very uncomfortable and rare to talk about emotions; therefore I feel a deep calling to offer a safe space, free of judgment and full of compassion. In our sessions, we will work hard towards being kinder to yourself and allowing yourself grace.

I am deeply invested in empowering and nourishing your individuality. Sometimes we may outgrow what is no longer aligned with us and it is time to explore what a pivot in our journey will look like, while allowing grace and gratitude in.

Imagine how it would be to feel happier, more confident, & less stressed. Picture your ideal life and relationship. It is possible to achieve! I offer my clinical expertise in a way that feels very real, practical yet compassionate. I strive to help you understand what is happening inside of your body in relation to your relationships and environment to start your healing journey. Let's work together to achieve these goals!

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My passion lies in guiding clients in their own path

I am experienced in utilizing trauma focused therapy to guide my clients to learn skills and strategies to better understand and process emotions tied to traumatic experiences. My approach combines affirmative, trauma focused, CBT, DBT, psychodynamic, client centered, solution-focused, and strength-based approaches. Most importantly,  I have a warm energy that creates a welcoming environment in sessions!

More About Me

Simple Pleasures: Daily movement to nourish my mind, body and soul, a good cafecito in the morning, reading a good captivating book, watching gorgeous sunsets that remind me to stay in the present.


Not so fun fact: I enjoy traveling often, attending live music events and movie screenings.

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