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What happens when you start feeling misaligned with people? Do you ride out friendships because you fear you’ll end up alone? Do you feel comfortable sharing actions that upset you with your friend/s?  Are you having a hard time being vulnerable in friendships? 


If you nodded your head to one of these questions, then these workshops are for you sis.


Making friends is hard AF at any age, but it can feel particularly challenging as adults. 


In this 3 week workshop, we will explore:


  • What it means to be a sister friend

  • Making sense of your misaligned friendships

  • Setting boundaries to get your needs met

  • Understanding your attachment style

  • Working past the discomfort of having difficult conversations


The intention behind these workshops is to help YOU connect with others in a way you feel fully SEEN and safe.


Workshop will be held online via Zoom starting on Tuesday 10/19/21 @ 7pm EST


About the facilitators: 


Roslyn and Regine are experienced social workers whose friendship blossomed into a business partnership. They are co-founders of be morr, a culturally affirming therapeutic community in New York City where Women of Color receive Mental Health services by WOC individually and in community.


Workshop is open to women in all states. 


Registration for all 3 workshops is strongly encouraged to gain sustainable tools. 

Price: $40 per session

Each participant will be receiving a FREE workbook with exercises to promote reflection.

To create an intimate & safe space, limited slots are available! Want more info? Click on the button below for more.

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