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About Stephanie

I support WOC who identify as protectors and providers reclaim their power and sense of self

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Stephanie Disen, LMSW

I’m championing WOC who want to reclaim their power and sense of self; for the women who are always the protectors and providers, who encourage others to grow before themselves.  


I'm here for you! The multifaceted woman, ready to: defy what others have told you needed to be, accept, and do to find success in life. I'm here for those: fighting to move on from their past; who feel stuck, unsure, and anxious.


I'm here for those who want to embrace a mindset that life is a journey with no destination, but an opportunity to explore who we were, are, and going to be. To reawaken to life with rest and a healing heart; to embrace free-spiritedness. 


If you're ready step into your power and let go of the belief that you're powerless and to build your: 

  • inner strength 

  • self - confidence 

  • self- compassion 

  • self- awareness 

Schedule a free 15-min consult here.

My approach is nurturing the whole self:

I create a space of no judgment, where word vomit is encouraged, and celebrating the experience of feelings and perceived mistakes is a must. Where we experiment and feel what flows best for you in your healing journey in nurturing your emotional, social, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 


I do this by aiding you in understanding and changing how you relate to yourself and your social and physical contexts by utilizing strength-based strategies, CBT, mindfulness, interpersonal therapy, and inner-child healing methods.

More About Me

Simple pleasure: Morning yoga, tarot reading, painting, off-tune singing, live music, Bad Bunny, and reading at least four books at a time. I also love talking about the concept of love, conspiracy theories, and the meaning of life. 

Not-so-fun fact: I'll always leave the party early for food; I'm an advocate of late-night halal and cheese fries. I'm committed to maintaining a routine and find that some of my self-care practices aren't fun; they're just purposeful.

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