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About Shirnelle

I support WOC who have been everything to everyone, except themselves, break free from the chains that hold them back

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Shirnelle Smith, LMSW

I see you. I feel you. Yes… you. You with the brave face that you put on for the world. You, trudging along while your own world is feeling heavy, while the challenges of your intimate relationship persist, while your familial conflicts continue to raise their ugly head. You, forced to continuously prove yourself at work among those less qualified. You, the one who has endured trauma, divorce, illness, grief, and/or financial strain, and struggled to find your footing – trials and tribulations have called your name.


We have been conditioned to be strong and nurturing to others. But what about us? So yes, you may be tired. Yet you are here, still standing. And I stand with you. You may have forgotten your own strengths because you so often feel weak inside, especially in the lonely moments. Let us work toward putting down those burdens that you have been carrying.

Simply existing and going through the motions are not options for you. Let’s get you thriving! This is your time! Time to experience the real you. Time to get in touch with your sense of self. Time to heal. Time to find your joy. Time to live! You’re not looking for perfection; you’re looking for you. Let’s take this journey together as you reintroduce you, to you.


If you’re ready to start prioritizing you, click here to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation with me.

It is truly rewarding when we come to the realization that we can be who we are, and unapologetically so.

I am a helper, supporter and fixer by nature. I have been a NYS licensed Social Worker since 2012, having graduated from Fordham University.Whether it’s family therapy, recognizing and reframing thoughts through CBT, emotional regulation through DBT, or even professional coaching, I will utilize the ideal approach to target and meet your needs. In my other life, I am part of the corporate world, working as a soft skills learning and development specialist and coach.

More About Me

Simple Pleasures: Moments alone, my Husky named Brooklyn, coffee/espresso beverages, candles, aromatherapy, disappearing somewhere preferably by airplane, my summer garden, the beach, waterfalls, a perfect massage – hot stones anyone? Can you tell self-care is important to me?

Favorite Quote: ahhhhh, so many but I’ll choose… “There but for the grace of God, go I.”


Not-so-fun fact: I collect refrigerator magnets, but I promise you it’s fun!

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