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About Makeena

I help Black & Brown Women strengthen their self-love through deepened self-discovery

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Not having a safe space to answer your challenges is difficult and defeating. The feeling of being stuck and confused are common, many people have these experiences, so it makes perfect sense that you are seeking relief and understanding. Are you the ‘strong one’ in your circle that everyone relies on? Are you continuously committing to things that don’t feel good to you? Do you worry about making sure everyone else is good before checking in on yourself? Are you feeling alone in your pain? Is shame or anxiety holding you back? You are worthy of existing in spaces where your experiences are validated.

Our sessions will be a place where you get to unpack your feelings and explore your challenges through a culturally sensitive lens. Life can be hectic, and oftentimes our wellness ends up at the bottom of the priority list. Let’s explore, unpack, and process what is actually happening when we no longer have our well-being at the very top of our list.

Schedule a free 15-min consult here.

Makeena Rivers, LMSW

My Approach

 I draw from an array of modalities to create a therapeutic space for growth and affirmation.

More About Me

Simple Pleasures: Long walks to clear my mind, meditation, comedic conversation, talking about all things justice-related, and a good TV series that keeps me engaged.


Not so fun fact: I love getting creative, whether it be painting, writing, or acting/modeling- I'm huge into using my imagination and bringing a vision to life.

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