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About Ciera

I support WOC release expectations and step into self-acceptance. 


Counselor in training

This is a moment for you, for pause, reflection, non-judgment, and exploration. In this spirit, I hold space for your journey.


We all deserve to feel genuinely seen, but so infrequently can express ourselves authentically, exactly as we are. Who we are is multifaceted and nonlinear. My goal is to create a non-judgmental space where you can show up as YOU. A space free of restraints and expectations, we have enough of those everywhere else.


If you’re here, you may feel exhausted by cultural expectations or overwhelmed by pressure. I want to hold space for you to realize your capacity to sit with your experiences, shift your narrative, and create and shape opportunities that bring you the most joy and fulfillment.

Therapy is work – it involves validation, motivation, and consistency. I’m here to walk with you, and our work may mean walking forwards, backwards or even standing still until you’re ready to take the next step.

Schedule a free 15-min consult here.

I hope you’ll welcome me to join you on your journey.

My passion lies in guiding clients in their own path

I’m currently in training for Mental Health and Wellness Counseling at NYU Steinhardt. I incorporate mindfulness and somatic experiences to support exploration and self-acceptance. I’m often thinking about the ways we experience our environments, our workplaces, our families, and our cultures to support managing feelings of stress, anxiety, impostor syndrome or depression. Most importantly, to support how we live a fulfilled and authentic life within all of these experiences.

More About Me

Simple pleasures: Anything outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, spending time by water, doing pilates, working out, any type of crafting, and most recently golf.


Not so fun fact: In a past life, I worked in HR and People Operations within the non-profit and beauty industries and have an MBA in International Business.

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