About Alessandra

I support couples & families strengthen the connection amongst themselves


As you read this I invite you to check in with yourself. How does your breath feel? Where are you carrying tension in your body in this moment? Maybe in your chest? Your shoulders? Wherever you are, I invite you to take a deep breath and thank yourself for taking this step, for showing up, looking for a therapist just for you. You deserve this. 

Supporting you to become the most authentic version of yourself is the goal. We work together to understand how larger narratives (given to us by family and society) and systems of power play a role in how we see ourselves as individuals, partners, mothers, and so on. I am a anti-racist, LGBTA+ affirming, sex-positive, relational therapist which means use of self and our trust and connection between client and clinician is paramount. Feelings of guilt and shame are so pervasive and these feelings can sometimes take over our ability to trust ourselves and make the best decisions that feel right. You deserve to trust yourself. You deserve to say yes and mean yes… maybe more importantly you deserve to say no and mean no.

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Alessandra Fabris-Tantawi LMSW, M.Ed

My Approach

I have received graduate training from the Ackerman Institute for the Family and it’s an honor to work with families, children and parents. In family therapy I support you in how to strengthen the bond and connection between the family system.

I am strength-based and client centered. I work to help you, your partnership and family cope with symptoms such as depression, anxiety, panic and relationship distress. I use methods such as DBT, CBT, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, narrative therapy and ACT to support clients. 


Thank you for taking this step for yourself. As you heal, a little part of the world heals too.

More About Me

Simple Pleasures: Practicing yoga, long walks, hanging out with my two cats, Cleopatra and Phoebe, cooking delicious nourishing meals, writing poetry, dancing with loved ones & reading anything outside in the sun.


Not so fun fact: I’m a certified yoga instructor (I can do a handstand!) and aspiring doula